Greene Giving

Fun in John Bryan State Park. Photography by Weir McBride.

Working through local nonprofit organizations, the Greene County Community Foundation has been making our region a better place to live as a result of Greene Giving.

What is a Community Foundation?

By Reed Madden (1938-2013),
Past member of the Emeritus Committee for the Greene County Community Foundation

Folks may be familiar with the Greene County Community Foundation (d/b/a Greene Giving), but they may not know all that it does.

The philanthropic impact of Greene Giving is evident throughout neighborhoods, health and social service agencies, cultural organizations, educational institutions, youth organizations, economic development projects, and other charitable groups.

No one person has the resources to provide solutions to all the challenges faced by the region today. However, by combining the financial and human resources of many individuals, Greene Giving can make a significant difference.

Founded in 2001, Greene Giving receives gifts from individuals, families, businesses, other foundations and civic/social organizations eager to make a difference in our region.

Greene Giving's purpose is to promote philanthropy and provide stewardship and leadership to enhance the use of regional resources to meet charitable needs. Greene Giving accomplishes this purpose by:

Greene Giving promotes and facilitates philanthropy in Greene County.

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